Help Local Families in Need and Win!

Each year Bazonzoes locates and adopts several families in each location to help give them a bright and Merry Christmas.  We invite our customers to join in on our good tidings. For each item that you bring in to a retail location from a wish list below, you will receive a raffle ticket to win an in-store shopping spree! Each location will have three winners: First place $500, Second Place $250, and 3rd place $150.  Items should be turned in unwrapped by December 21st.


The Candy Cane Family

This local family of 7 is led by a single father. Dad works full time and does his best to provide for all of their needs but it isn’t easy without a high school diploma. The kids really need clothing, winter items, and educational toys. Dad appreciates any help in making their Christmas a happy one.

Daughter, 6 Years, Female

Need: clothing (Size: 8-10; Style:girls)

Need: winter coat (Size: 8-10; Style: girls)

Need: shoes (Size:2 kids; Style: girls)

Need: Winter boots (Size: 2 kids; Style: girls)

Need: hat and gloves (Style; girls)

Need: pajamas (Size: 10; Style: girls)

Wish: toys for girls (Style: girls)

Wish: magnetic tiles (Magna Tiles) (Style: kids)

Son, 5 years. Male

Need: clothing (Size; 6 Style; Boys)

Need: winter coat (Size; 6: Style; boys)

Need: shoes (Size; 13 toddlers: Style: toddler boys)

Need: winter boots (Size; 2 kids: Style: girls)

Need: hat and gloves (Style: boys)

Wish: books (Style: toddler boys)

Wish: remote control cars (Style: boys)

Wish: pajamas (Size; 7: Style: boys)

Wish: Magnetic tiles (Magna Tiles) (Style: kids)

Wish: magnetic alphabet/numbers (Style: kids).

Son, 4 Years, Male

Need: clothing (Size; 4T; Style: toddler boys)

Need: Winter coat (Size 4T; Style; toddler boys)

Need: shoes (Size: 10 toddlers; Style: toddler boys)

Need: winter boots (Size; 10 toddlers: Style: toddler boys)

Need: hat and gloves (Style: toddler boys)

Need: pajamas (Size 4T; Style: toddler boys)

Wish: magnetic alphabet/numbers (Style: kids)

Daughter, 2 Years, Female

Need: clothing (Size 4T: Style; toddler girls)

Need: winter coat (Size: 4T: Style; toddler girls)

Need: shoes (Size: 9 toddlers; Style; toddler girls)

Need: Winter boots (Size; 9 toddlers; Style; toddler girls)

Need: hat and gloves (Size: toddler girls)

Need: pajamas (Size 4T: Style; toddler girls)

Wish: barbie doll (Style: girls)

Wish: cooking set (Style: kids)

Daughter, 1 Years, Female

Need: clothing (Size 18-24 month; Style: toddler girls)

Need: winter coat (Size 18-24month: Style: toddler girls)

Need: shoes (Size 4-5 toddlers: style: toddler girls)

Need: winter boots (Size 4-5 toddlers; Style; toddler girls)

Need: blanket for bed (bedset?) (Style: toddler girls)

Need: pajamas (Size: 24 months; Style: toddler girls)

Wish: barbie dolls (Style: toddler girls)


Gingerbread Family

The Gingerbread family is a blended family with 7 kids. It has financially been a rough few years and they need help giving their kids a Christmas. According to Mom: “These kids are truly great kids, they all have good grades and help each other and others outside of our family as often as they can. We are very family orientated and know that the holidays are for celebrating the love and giving, but I am hoping the kids can get the same joy for themselves as they give out to others.”

Daughter, 17 years, Female

Need: Bedding (Size: Twin)

Need: Sweatpants, shirt, hoodie, Nike crew socks (Size: Adult Large)

Wish: Body spray/body wash

Son, 15 years, Male

Need: sweatpants, shirt, hoodie (Size: men medium)

Need: Nike Crew Socks

Wish: Cologne, body wash/spray

Son, 12 years, Male

Wish: anything avatar

Need: shoes (Size 6 youth)

Need: Nintendo Switch Games

Need: basketball/Football related

Son, 8 years, Male

Wish: Anything Pokemon

Wish: Legos, anything football

Wish: Shoes (Football or Wrestling cleats) (Size:2)

Daughter, 14 years, Female

Need: Sweatpants, hoodie, Nike Crew Socks (Size: Adult Small)

Wish: Makeup, body wash/spray

Wish: Fleece blanket

Son, 9 years, Male

Need: shoes (Size; 2.5 youth)

Wish: anything Pokemon

Wish: Nintendo switch games

Need: reading books/comic books

Son, 9 years, Male

Need: Shoes/Cleats (Size: 2.5 youth)

Wish: Sticker books/Search and find books

Wish: Nintendo Switch Games

Need: Coloring Books, Art Supplies


Snowball Family

Ms. Snowball is a feisty cancer patient and long time customer who needs some help this year. Treatments are costly and exhausting, leaving her with a lot of financial hardship.

Woman, 83 years

Walmart gift cards

Queen pillows and cases

Thick throw blanket-soft

Large print word searches

Family Guy merch

Native American art/cultural items

Small skillet


Silverbell Family

Mom and Dad of this small family have had quite a crazy last few months. Mom got her nursing degree, found out she was pregnant, accidentally fell, and Baby came a lot earlier than expected. While he grows in the NICU, Mom isn’t able to start her job as a nurse and they need a little help to make it through the holidays!

-Gift cards (Visa, Meijer, Walmart)


-Huggies Natural Care wipes

-Dr Brown wide neck 5 oz baby bottles 

-Rattle socks


Toy Soldier Family (Greater Lansing Women’s Center)

While they may not be a traditional “family” the women at the center also need a few items to make their Christmas’ bright and comfortable. They just started a new library and are looking to fill it out as well!

Women All Ages

body lotion

shampoo and conditioner for variety of hair types

personal care items (face lotion, deodorant, body wash, etc)

Personal hygiene items (tampons, pads, menstrual cups)

bras and underwear




hand soap

books- all varieties

bleach wipes


Sugar Plum Family

This small but mighty duo is a single Mom and her son. Mom is doing her best to provide for him despite her medical issues and is looking for some help giving him the Christmas he deserves since he spends his free time helping her out! He is currently decorating his room and she would love to surprise him with some of the stuff on his wish list:

Son, 12, Male

A projector that has different lights and settings

Led strips

Neon signs

Gaming blackout curtains (84″ wide)

He likes and plays roblox

Hoodies size 16-18 or mens small

Joggers size mens small


He likes the “Champion” clothes

Jeans 18 regular fit